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New Comment Policy

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31May 09

UPDATED SITE NEWS: As some of you may have noticed, this site has changed the settings for leaving comments on posts and stories. We’ve been tinkering with the settings here at the home office, in an effort to keep SPAM to a minimum, so hopefully, this will continue to be manageable, but you no longer have to be “signed in” to comment – you can merely leave your ID & email address to post.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the conversation…

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A Time to Remember

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30May 09

As today is the nation’s actual Memorial Day, let us take a moment to remember and give thanks to those who have served.
Thank you to all veterans!


In a related note, many of you are aware that our own Trey “The Bookie” Sumner will be shipping back to Iraq later this summer for his third tour. He relates the following story:


I couldn’t be prouder of this……

A couple weeks ago my youngest son had his end-of-the-school-year singing thing that they do – they opened with the singing of the National Anthem. You’ll be able to pick him out from these two pictures (click thumbnails for larger images). When he did that, through the entire song, at first my jaw dropped…and I’d be lying if I said that my eyes were completely dry. When I asked him “why?” afterwards, he didn’t have much to say except that he just wanted to.

For a 7 year old, who is struggling hard with the fact that his Dad is going back to Iraq in a couple months (when I return from this tour I will have spent a bit over a third of his life in Iraq), to show that kind of respect for soldiers through mimicry is astounding. Even the tremendous amount of disappointment he’s experienced, in the time I’ve had to be away from home, hasn’t destroyed his pride and respect for his Dad and his country.

Only a soldier’s son…..

Sunday is Wiffle Day

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30May 09

HARVARD – For the local boobs out there, who wish to stop by, Harvard Yards will be open for some pick-up wiffle and enjoyable refreshments this Sunday, July 5th, starting around noon.

Bring your own quality refreshments.

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TV Alert!

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29May 09

For those who watch television, you may be aware of a Fox Sports show called Sports Science, which examines athletic activities somewhat “scientifically.”

Wiffle fans may want to tune in this week as Joel Deroche was on the Fast Plastic National championship team last year and was the tourney “Cy Young” winner… he is scheduled to be squaring off with Dodgers 1st baseman James Loney in some heated wiffle action!  Make sure to tune in to Fox Sports this Sunday, May 31st to check it out.

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – My goodness, but everyone’s favorite Pat “Truck” Moriarity has lost nearly an axle and is moving in on mini-van territory!

Many of you may have been following the story, but the 2006 Fat Bastard Most Valuable Player had entered into a “Fat Guy Challenge”  last fall with a fellow Twin City member, Panther. With a goal of working himself back into shouting distance of three bills, Truckster has shed fifty pounds so far in the effort, as evidenced by the two photos above from October 1st to April 1st.

For much more on the effort, visit their blog at The Fat Guy Challenge.

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24May 09

HARVARD – After much delay this year, the 2009 Hall of Fame candidates have finally been announced.

All Fat Bastard participants, fans, families, and friends are asked to VOTE for their top three choices in order from #1 to #3. Please consider a nominee’s OVERALL contribution to the success of the Fatty. No split votes please.

To review this year’s prospects and vote, click HERE.

In a slight change, this year’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will take place on Friday, August 7th, during the Ice Cream Social and following the first two round games.

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2009 Mad Scramble

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18May 09

The infamous annual Kitt F Fisher Memorial Mad Scramble Golf Outing is again upon us, with a few special rules enjoyed by Kitt Fisher himself. Get your toe wedge out and your foursome ready or we’ll match you up for the day.

This year’s Fisher Fund events will support The Autism Society of Kent County in honor of Liam Kelbel and the Andrew Mitchell Family. Please see this page for more details!

DATE: June 20 @ 12:30 check in / 1:00 tee.
COST: $65/person includes golf, steak dinner & prizes
SPONSORSHIPS: $50 per hole or $125 for three holes
LOCATION: North Kent Golf Club, 11029 Stout NE, Rockford, MI 49341

Your day supports a great cause and includes 18 holes of golf with cart, prizes and steak or chicken dinner at the club. There will be plenty of “grandpa beers” on hand as Kathey & Dave take great care of us. As always, kilts, lederhosen or knickers are encouraged!

Sponsorships and donations are also welcome! You can also donate on our website, which may be tax deductible, and go directly to the cause.

Please RSVP on this site or via email with your number of players. Entry deadline is June 15th.

We’ll hope to see you there!

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Quotable “Special Edition”

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3May 09

Overheard at Boy’s Weekend…

“I’ve never gone fishing and actually brought a pole. I bring a cooler, other people fish.”
-Jack “Judas” Russell

“Do you think Jack’s new girlfriend will be returning home to the Manistee National Forest this morning?”
- teammate, Joe “Jose” Turnes

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”
- drunken bartender Jonesy to Homrich

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