The End of the Road

Posted by The Fatty
In Baxter
1Aug 11

HARVARD – Anyone who has ever graced the grounds of Harvard will be saddened to know of Baxter‘s passing today. He was born April 25, 1998 and was a faithful companion from June of that year. He will be missed.


  1. Breen, August 1, 2011:

    You couldn’t describe The Fatty to anyone on “the outside” without mentioning the dog who drank beer and roamed the hallowed grounds. RIP

  2. Chitwood, August 2, 2011:

    I am very saddened by the news. I took many pics of him and dropped a few Old Style spills his way.

  3. OB, August 2, 2011:

    You were a good ol’ dog Bax. You’ll be missed.

  4. Cougar, August 3, 2011:

    Godspeed good Baxter. You brought a smile to many a face.

  5. Ferdl, August 4, 2011:

    Good bye old friend.We will never forget you
    Ferdl and Irene

  6. Hillary, August 8, 2011:

    Sorry for the loss, RIP Baxter.

  7. Matusek(Blackjack), August 10, 2011:

    Even though I only met Baxter once, he made quite an impression on me. Sorry for your loss Rings.

  8. Trey, August 15, 2011:

    Sorry man….Baxter was a great dog.

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